Do you lack self-belief?  Do you feel something is holding you back from Achieving your Potential? 

BELIEVE and you will ACHIEVE

B Boost your self-belief

It is time to realise how much potential you have

“Our responsibility is to rise from mediocrity to competence, from failure to achievement.  Our task is to become our best selves.” [Thomas S. Monson, 1987]

Winners are grateful; what is great in your life?  

“Gratitude can set up a powerful chain of events that puts you in a positive state/vibration in order to achieve the things that you want” [Dave O’Connor]

Reflect on 3 Magic Moments from your day each evening

E Energize yourself

Have a Winner’s Mindset.  Always aim for the top & the end target.

Use mental rehearsal to ‘feel’ like a winner. Take massive bold action.

L Limiting Beliefs – how to deal with them

Limiting beliefs hold us back and prevent us from being who we are destined to be.

An important step in forming your new empowering mindset is to realise what your beliefs are and to question those that may no longer be serving you

Many times, beliefs left unchallenged will continue to limit you!

Be totally honest with yourself – in some areas you may just be making excuses

Successful people take responsibility and never make excuses

What beliefs do you hold that may be stopping you from taking massive action towards your goals?  Write down a list of limiting beliefs now.

Choose one Where do you think this belief came from?

How has this belief limited your life in the past?

How could this belief affect your life? Your relationships? Your finances?

Why must you change this belief now?

I ‘I’ Statements

‘I’ statements enable us to express ourselves honestly and assertively, without blaming others, which reduces our stress.  If we tell others how we feel, it is easier to tell them what we need.  These help to say what you need without being over-apologetic or too tough, ‘I’ statements help you find your voice.  

E Engage and build relationships

Surround yourself with positive people.  Who else has achieved the goals you seek?

What positive beliefs do they hold? Use these as Mentors!

V Vitality is key

It is time to grow in confidence

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but a triumph over it” [Nelson Mandela]

Reduce your recovery time; daily positive self-talk; mindfulness; meditation….

Appreciate your inner wisdom

“It’s not about the resources, it’s about the resourcefulness” [Warren Buffet]

E Empower yourself and others

Winners attract opportunities.  Winners leave the comfort zone & do whatever it takes

The most powerful person in any group is the one who is the most flexible

Winners have clear, invincible vision; big goals; Winners know the value of time and use it wisely

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” [Gandhi]

We can choose to focus on the thing that is going to empower us; or we can choose the thing that will disempower us and our lives; The secret is to put all of your focus on what you want to do

If you feel you need help with turning your dreams into reality then contact me – email me and download my top tips for Goal Mapping, turn those dreams around – believe and you WILL achieve.  

I also offer workshops to help you with setting goals and mapping them visually in order to take you from Belief to Achievement.  I look forward to hearing from you.