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Yvonne Hayes

How To Enjoy and Enrich your Relationships Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle


What I Do & My Process

I provide support for families who wish to work better together.  This is particularly beneficial for parents who may not live in the same home but need to co-parent.   I also help couples preparing for their first child to understand the impact this will have on their relationship. 

I offer a free discovery call which is an informal discussion to identify areas of need and resources that could prove helpful.  Once this has been completed a course of action is agreed.  Support is offered online via Zoom and can be 1 to 4 sessions as needed.  The sessions have optional worksheets and recommended online resources all of which are accredited resources. 


    My Results & How This Can Help You

    This is a relatively new approach to building relationships with up to date resources provided by a nationally recognised organisation and supported by the Welsh Government. 

    If you are expecting your first child and are apprehensive about how this will affect your relationship, then this support will help make that preparation.  If you are separated but struggling to co-parent or are experiencing different parenting styles within our home, then this can help. 

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