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I write a mix of self-help and fiction.  I am awaiting publication of two books at the moment.  I have written a book about developing daily habits that help build your spirituality.  I am also writing a book about how a childhood experience held me back from achieving my dreams for over 50 years – but having reframed it – I am now empowered and enjoying the journey towards success and fulfilment. 

If you feel you need help with a spiritual focus, then my Spiritual 5-a-day Book will help to develop daily habits that will change your focus and build a calmer future.   

If you have ever had a limiting belief, or a childhood experience that has held you back, then my 12th Cracker book is for you. 

    My Results & How This Can Help You

    I have had articles published, and delivered those topics to audiences at events.  I am working with a book coach to help me move from none-fiction to fiction which will tell the stories that are part of my family history.  

    You may identify with some of the above issues, or you may be interested in the forthcoming fiction – keep in touch and see previews of my forthcoming books. 


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