Relaxation & Stress Management

Yvonne Hayes

Relaxation & Stress Management is vital to Maintain Happy Relationships


What I Do & My Process

I provide strategies for coping with everyday stressors.  We all have triggers that set off our stress response and in the long term, this can have detrimental effects on us mentally, emotionally, and physically.  I offer support to find your stress-busters and how to nurture yourselves. 

I offer a free discovery call which is an informal discussion to identify areas of need and resources that could prove helpful.  Once this has been completed a course of action is agreed.   I help to identify your stress levels, your stressors, and your stress-busting techniques.  I also offer relaxation exercises and scripts.  The sessions are offered 1-2-1 via Zoom.

My Results & How This Can Help You

I have found these techniques to be personally helpful as well as providing support over several years to family, parents, and children.  I have been particularly successful in providing relaxation scripts for parents whose children are anxious or who struggle to get to sleep.

If you (or your child) are finding life stressful or are struggling to sleep, then I can offer ideas to help.  I can also tailor relaxation scripts for you to download that will help.  Have a personal Stress Management Plan just for you to help you cope. 


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